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Bethann Whilden
a month ago

I wanted to order cheesecake with cherries on top for Saturday morning pick up about 1030.

Alli Chamberis
5 months ago

The Turtle Cheesecake was so good! I planed on share it but ate the entire thing in one sitting (Oops).

John Baab
9 months ago

All of your cheesecakes are amazing!

John Baab
9 months ago

I tried your products at the apple festival. If I order a cheesecake, can I pick it up on 11/20?

Peggy Pearson
10 months ago

If u have a craving for cheesecakes…..Man this is the right site to be on…..I will always come to Sabrina’s cheesecake n get her cheesecakes whenever…She goes over n beyond for her customers

Brian Leason
10 months ago

Several weeks ago I was at a friends party where the dessert happen to be cheesecake. I have never been a fan of any kinds of cheesecake and when I seen that was the only dessert other than some fruit salad, I was pretty disappointed. I am not a give me a bowl of fruit salad type man and everyone was talking about this cheesecake. After a cousin of mine said Brian, you need to at least try this. Nope, didn't want it. About an hour later I had seen that those two cheesecakes were gone other than some brownie or something that was on the board and what looked like Butterfinger pieces. Now they are my favorite all time chocolate bar. Someone said Well you missed out Brian but there is a small piece that i put in the fridge for your wife. She came late and went for her piece she was told was in the fridge and it was gone. Super long story I'm sorry but to make it end quicker, no one fessed up to eating her slice. It wasn't until we were at home, she looked at me and said, "Since when do you eat cheesecake?" I dead ass said Never. She called my bluff and said next time, get the evidence out of your beard. I was busted and I'm here to say that, this woman doesn't make cheesecakes she makes miracles happen in your mouth. Fast forward to today, I have tried almost every flavor and plan on trying them every chance I can get. I am NOT a cheesecake person, but I am a Sabrina's Cheesecake person. If you have not gotten the chance to try some, do it at your own risk because there is no going back and you are hooked for life.

Bill Cashner
10 months ago

What flavors do you have for full cheesecakes

Flavors and sizes are listed in the Ordering section of this site.